• Get rid of what You Don’t Want Or Need Before You Move. If You Haven’t Used In Over A Year, And It Isn’t A Valuable Family Heirloom, You Probably Don’t Need It. You can Donate or Sell It or give it away. There is no reason In Paying Us To Move Items Which You Don’t Want And Won’t Use.
  • If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns, Please Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us. Keep A Copy Of All Relevant Paperwork (such As The Estimate, Confirmation, Etc.) With You During The Entire Process Of Your Move, In Case You Need To refer To It.
  • Keep Your Boxes Light properly taped and Manageable. Be Careful Not To Overload The Cartons. If You Cannot Lift The Carton Easily, It Is Too Heavy! Keep The Weight Of A Single Box To Less Than 10 kg.
  • Use Appropriate Cartons When Packing. This Will Go A Long Way Towards Ensuring Your Goods Arrive Safely. Please Note That Plastic Trash Bags Are Not Appropriate Cartons Under Any Circumstances.
  • Use Appropriate Padding When Packing Your Boxes Do Not Skimp On Packing Paper Or Bubble Wrap. Use More Cushion Than Less.
  • Dishes Should Be Packed Vertically and have good padding. Do Not Stack Your Dishes In A Box Under Any Circumstances. As A General Rule.
  • Do Not Pack Your Fragile Items In The Same Carton As Heavy Or Bulky Items.
  • Mark Your Boxes Clearly With The Name Of The Room In Which You Would Like Each Carton Placed. This Will Speed Up The Unloading At Your New Home. You May Also Wish To Make An Inventory Of What Items Are In Each Box To Help You Quickly Unpack And Find Items In Your New Home.
  • Carry Your Valuables And Necessary items With You. The Mover Is Not Responsible For These Items.
  • Whenever Possible, Make Alternative Arrangements For Children And 4 legged children On Moving Day. It Is Best When You And The Movers Can Give One Another Your Undivided Attention For The Entire Move.
  • Keep all connection e.g phones ect. Connected Until After The Move Is Completely Finished. Your Ability To Fully Communicate With Your Mover And Everyone Else Can Be Critical.
  • Make sure all appliances are plug out and pipes are drained before the movers start loading appliances, all freezers are defrosted etc. this will save the movers time.
Why Choose Us
  • We will start arranging your long distance move accordingly

  • We will make sure your moving experience is pleasant

  • Seasonal long distance moving company discounts

  • All of your information is kept safe and secure

  • We can give advice on how to make your move easier

  • You get 100% support during the move